HEART - Sweet Darlin'

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Sweet darlin'<br>You saved me<br>I'm hummin'<br>From the lovin'<br>You gave me<br>You went so far<br>Where my feelings are<br>Breathing heaven fire<br>Sweet darlin'<br><br>I know you<br>You stopped running<br>You knew I had something<br>To show you<br>The fever tamed<br>Like an angel came<br>Made music of my name<br>Sweet darlin'<br><br>Early that morning we knew I had to fly<br>Engines were screaming and still I was asking myself why<br>High on the wind I was feeling my sweet darlin' cry<br>My heart was breaking<br>I closed my eyes<br>Darlin'<br>Can you hear me<br>We can't be wrong<br>The night's song<br>Pulls you near me<br>Time just falls<br>Distance small<br>I feel you all<br>Sweet darlin'

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