HEART - I'll Be Your Song

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These have been quiet days

When was the last time I wanted to sing

Last few dying days hanging on - what will they bring?

Even you and me

We keep coming apart

And it's a wrong thing

We goota look right at each other and say it

Turn on the radio and play it

And fall in love again

Can you feel the light shine

You now this song's yours and mine

Ain't it good to know you've got a place to go

Where the melody's fine

Sometimes I'm not so strong

And even now I could be wrong

But if you love me like music

I'll be your song

Lately the day's been grey

And time's been hard

Man up in town putting everybody down

Watch him play his card

When you get free come on home to me

I'm gonna lay it down

We got love - we've got to feel it and show it

Make each other really know it

And fall in love again

We've got to be friends

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