Head North

Head North - Brave Hands lyrics

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Lately, I was waiting, come feel your broken dense

I was scared it was all a balloon

Off our heart to the ground, as a child, you cut off my need

It's was when my father's pun, he pulled out

The first gift I've ever received

I've felt it sting, it's been all the same

The life froze up to conquer me

And they said so often

You don't have to go alone through this

Come and stay, let us take you in

That's too late, too forgive

This night has turned, I'm leaving again

I hope you stay, you're watching it

You gave me my name, just a spark, that's when I was

Four hours late, had no rush, and a note that's attached

To this earth and it's glimpsed

I tried so hard to be a good man

I tried so hard to be alive

I tried so hard to be better than my father

Get you better at your mind

When I say that I grew up with pain and loving hands

They set me free, but who have I met?

Been not in place with who I am

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