Head North

Head North - Bluejay lyrics

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There's a blue jay on the porch that I was out there sleepin'

And she sung me songs so sweet

Now I've grown, and the bird has flown years ago so

I stay awake and I pray one day she'll sing a moment my everything


And I said please just come home cuz I wanna feel whole again now

Oh, now, you sing the word, I'm watching you say who I found in my head

(Verse 2)

I gave you _______(?) for her to live in

Just so I could protect her from all that exists

And I would hue her as she was singin'

Everyday it grew softer, so I heard her when she said


You were my only friend ever

And all I can taste is my life

And I was not meant to die here

And all that I dream is outside



And I am the _____(?), I know I should know that by now

Know you scared me with _____(?), you caught me afloating round drowned

Coating phantom, I know you would, if you couldn't have her then nobody would

That bird has flown, it's what we should

If you couldn't have her then nobody would!


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