Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love

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Did you believe

I'd let you down

Your jealous heart

Gave you the runaround

You couldn't see

That I would always

Be your friend

* If you can look inside

Your heart

And understand

What's tearing you apart

You gotta trust someone

Don't let hate get in the way

** Just turn it into love

Turn it into love

And open up your heart and you'll

Never feel ashamed if you

Turn it, turn it, turn it into love

When all your other friends are gone

I'll still be here to help you carry on

If you have faith in me

Then I'll believe in you

You are the first thing on my mind

Do you believe

I wouldn't have the time

I have to make you see

You can't put the pain on me

** Repeat

Just turn it into love (3X)

* Repeat

** Repeat

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