Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean - This Is How It Feels To Be Free

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There is a wall that has been standing

Since the day that Adam fell

Sin is where it started

And Sin is why it held

Speakin as a prisoner

Who was there and lived to tell

I remember how it fell

I can hear the sound of freedom

Like a distant voice who called

And beckon me to follow

Where i had never gone

And though my heart is willin'

I just stood there at the wall

Prayin somehow it would fall

But in a cross i found a doorway

And a hand that held a key

And when the chains fell at my feet

For the first time i could see


This is how it feels to be free

This is what it means to know that

I am forgiven

This is how it feels to be free

To see that life can be more than i imagined

This is how it feels to be free

This is how it feels to be free

There are days when i'm reminded

Of the prison i was in

Like a livin nightmare

Burning from the viel

I can feel the voice of evil

I can hear the call of sin

But i wont go back again

See, once i tasted freedom

Then the walls could bind no more

Since mercy gave me wings to fly

Like an eagle i can sore

repeat chorus

Somewhere there's a prison

Where the chains still burn

If not for the grace of god

Those walls could still be mine

So far all the captives are saved

repeat chorus

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