H.A.W.K. - Roll Up A Blunt

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(feat. Big Pokey, Big Moe, Mike, Breeze)

[Big Moe & Mike singing]


One puff two puffs, I'm hooked like handcuffs

A thrush and a head rush, says that I've had enough

I'm sprung hear it comes, down a pathway through my lungs

A cloud of cluddered smoke, blends with my oxygen

The one human being, can't give me this satisfaction

Your centrifugal force, causes a chain reaction

The strategy you use, is addictive to many

One of you is not enough, I need five or twenty

I smoke plenty, menage tois with cigars

Wrapping weed like cigars, puts my mind on bars

Cut it down the middle, split it like the Red Sea

Show love filled with buds, fresh off the ganja tree

I'm on optimoes, force feeding you these flows

The aroma of marijuana, hits like Tyson blows

Boat loads of do-do, I'm in Akapoko

Tooty and fool coo-coo, but I'm going loco I'm blowed

[Hook: Breeze]

Just roll up a blunt, and you know we gonna get high

Some killa weed, 24/7 3-65

Roll up a blunt yeah, and you know we gonna get high

Some killa weed, just to keep you satisfied

[Big Pokey]

Dump me in and close the do', let's take some pressure off ya brain

We three deep up on this thang, me and you and Mary Jane

From a bud to a grain, propane to a flame

Inhaling this octane, getting wet from all this rain

Everything is everything, I'm a certified choker

Light green smoker, put the heat to the ocra

Drop the three in the Fruitopia, we on cruise control

Or take 'em straight to the dome, cause it sooths the soul

I'm a puff-puff passer, doja square crasher

Getting my high to the sky, like a rocket out of NASA

Like players with asthma, bronchitis and ecetra

As for me I'm a tree, till you see red in my retna

Gone off Long and-a, this fire I'm loving

Massive puffing, chiefing smoking like a broke oven

Plus this sack I'm juggling, got us high as a kite

Cigarella's full of flight, what a hell of a night it's going down




Everything's splendid, the weed is heavenly scented

Puff-puff pass, is highly recommended

Till massage the brain, relieve migranes

And keep Sensei calm, when he's off the chain

You must maintain, and try to keep your composure

Whether hydro or cess, or some potent doja

Let me expose ya, to the pride of the front

Empty out the cigars, and just roll up a blunt roll it



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