Happy Head

Happy Head - Shining Path (3 09)

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(Bill Clift/Carl L. Marsh)

you say how high the moon is

my pride bought with a kiss

so soon under your motion

my world ceased to exist

if you want to know

here is my confession

i was a man in the grip of obsession

now you ought to know

i made a big decision

more that a man i'm a man

with a mission

here it is my shining path

pale fire your one desire come true

cool thrill a wish fulfilled

take a trip from your head

to your heart

on the shining path

you'll know when this is over

one sign will say believe

just when you're so uncertain

you'll ask and you'll receive

now is when you show

a gesture of contrition

this kind of love

is the modern condition

this could be a blow

to my way of thinking

pride rising as the moon is sinking

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