Happy Head

Happy Head - Digital Love Thing (3 00)

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(David Barratt/Carl L. Marsh)

turn to the sky like a big receiver

the hills are alive but they won't

deceive ya

tuned to the wave of the false

and the factual

tellin' everybody 'bout the


nature says end it final

going down on a dna spiral

hungry little heartbreaker

looking for a headline

wanna deal? here's a deadline

more than a matter of

pure geometry

a whole damn catalogue of lies

and infamy

a pay cheque a home wrecker

double martini

hail ceasar get houdini

take what you want to get

what you need

more than you had

at twice the speed

in cold precision in terror and art

a bullet and a ballet are

a vowel apart

hey digital get critical

yo digital love thing go

hey digital get critical

information overload

digital love thing i can't believe it

i wanna make this mystery mine

you're part of history stand up

and seize it

digital love thing shine

in real time

here comes happyhead mouth

in motion

you do the right thing you do

the locomotion

then you wonder why

the caged bird sings

it's a lust for life or a chemical thing

free will's the thrill now so choose it

use your vote before you lose it

evolution revolution hedonism i sing

anybody got a body give the boy

a love thing

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