Happy Head

Happy Head - Atomic Candy

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(Carl L. Marsh)

plough up a field of money

scatter your seed

mind over matter? well it matters

to me candy

riding an ark political sparkle

cast the first stone you'll be making

a mark indeed

there goes caution to the wind

again so get in

hitch-hike it to the edge of beyond

and get gone

at the limit of the evening shade

i raise a glass to you candy

i think you've got it made

if you thing the future lies

in tomorrow's troubled eyes

you're wrong candy it lies with me

atomic candy...turn out

all the lights and let me see

atomic candy...incandescent

flame of liberty

atomic candy...i'll take one bite

out of you if you unwrap me

high on the stuff of legend

scoring the dream

richer for poorer you can pour it

all over me

catching a wave imaginary


take the next turn candy there'll be

some days indeed

if you feel the future near

hiding paralysed with fear

it's ok candy you're here with me

atomic candy

atomic candy oh

if you thing the future waits

through somebody's pearly gates

hold on candy and wait for me

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