Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks - Gypsy Boots

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I'm just a white boy,

lived like a gypsy all my life

One in a billion born with a baby-face like mine

Got these boots made for rockin', kickin' ass and steppin' over lines

Passed down to me from my daddy's daddy's dad

In my family tree the fruit is bitter, bold and bad

Got real deep roots, these gypsy boots of mine

Struttin' the fine line, steel-toes sharp just like my mind

My reputation preceeds me, I always get what's mine in time

You can't spike me with the evil seed of doubt

You can't tell me what my life could be about

'Less you've walked in these gypsy boots of mine

These gypsy boots, they don't wear down

It's in my blood, I roam around and around...

I'm the original rock'n'roll cliché,

Gypsy pirate cowboy

You wouldn't last a minute in my boots

'Cos baby, I'm the real McCoy

Can't decide if it's a blessing or a curse

Can't see how it could be getting any worse

Can't shake loose these gypsy blues of mine

All tied down to these gypsy boots sublime

Better make good use of these gypsy boots of mine

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