Handguns - Self Portrait

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(Movie sample: Little Miss Sunshine)

Life is one fuckin' beauty contest after anotha

School, then college, then work

Fuck that. And fuck the Air Force Academy

If I want to fly, I'll find a way to fly

U do what u luv, and fuck the rest


Eva since I was a kid

I knew that I was different from the rest

With shakin' hands and a chemically unbalance head

I scared the shit out of everyone with everythin' I said

I always the hardest time makin' new friends and

I still get those headaches I did when I was young

I still forget to watch the words that fall off my tongue


This is the soundtrack to a movie

A motion picture that will always move me

A painted portrait of candid moments

My heart's a canvas and I'm the illustrator

(Verse 2)

A suburban family home, a bedroom of my own

A collection of CD's stacked up next to a blown out stereo

Were the only things that keep me from feelin' alone

Like I had someone to talk to

It's hard enough when no one seems to get u

Most days I feel fine and otha I feel like

I'm dyin' on the inside, forcin' smiles on the outside

I'm an optimist and a pessimist in one



And if I were to suddenly die

I'd take a good look back at my whole life

Be proud of the things that I said and I did

I know I wasn't innocent but

I've always listened to the pound of the kick

And the strum of the pick tellin' me that this is it

(I'm an optimist and a pessimist in one)



I couldn't paint u a betta picture

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