Handguns - Missed Calls

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I packed my bags, u cried ur eyes

It doesn't get much easier to say goodbye

I neva called to get this right

Always the same thing every time


So here's a song for all of the times

I neva called much, u were on my mind


I hope u know (I hope u know)

When I'm out on the open road

I count the days til I get home so we could be alone

I see no mountains exits up of trees

But they don't compare with what u mean to me

(Verse 2)

You dropped me off for the door

Tell her I can't do this anymore

I kiss ur head, I'm out the door

I promise I'm worth waitin' for


I won't forget to charge my phone this time

As long as u stay on the other line



I know it feels like I'm a ghost when

You're in the bedroom all alone and

You've got our picture on the night stand

Fell asleep with the T.V. on again

(Verse 3)

Play this song at night when

The cable left behind

And if u swear to hold on tight then

I'll be right by ur side


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