Handguns - Low Spirits

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Winter's ova (winter's ova) and I feel colder (I feel colder)


I caught a glimpse of my reflection today

Couldn't help but notice how much I changed

And then I thought back to those come every days

When there was nothing in my way


But hey, I know you hate me for going crazy

I had to be myself cause the missile doesn't help

And hey, yeah it's pathetic

I do this to myself, it's my own living hell


Expect the worst when I'm around

Your heads in the clouds but I'll bring you down

I'm jaded, frustrated, and burnt out

So expect the worst cause I'll be sure to let you down

(Verse 2)

Sitting on this foot cal all alone

Thinking I may never come back home

Running from my problems, the only way to solve them

But I still don't know where I might go


But hey, please don't let me for going crazy

I know my point of view is a lil more than skewed



Winter's over but I feel colder

The chip on my shoulder's taking over

Plucking out the lies

Standing on the end of the tallest building

[?] falling

I'll find the answers down below

And figure out why I became an asshole

(Chorus x2)

Thanks to constantinv for correcting these lyrics

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