Handguns - Gag Reflex lyrics

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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and I’m much better off.

I’ve got more than a few good reasons I’ve been ignoring all your calls.

You said you listened, but you never heard a word.

And I’ve been throwing up all the lies that I’ve been fed,

like how you had my back, or you‘d be there till the end.

And I’ve been throwing up all the lies that I’ve been fed,

and there’s no nice way to say this: you’re just not my friend.

What where you thinking? And where do you get off?

Thinking you could burn this bridge before I just push you off.

And I won’t make them draw lines or choose sides.

Because one day they’ll all see those skeletons you hide.

I can’t forgive you now, things wont get better,

you only cared about yourself.

I’ve held this in for far too long,

what I thought you were was something else.

You never cared, you never listened.

You’re as welcome as cancer, so I’ll keep my door locked tight,

and if you know what best for you, you’ll stay out of my sight. </div>

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