Hammet Melanie

Hammet Melanie - Can I Call Your Heart A Home

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It's one of those nights

and it's too dark to be alone

just one of those nights

i don't know where you are, there's a chill in the stars

and the moon must be turning to stone


when the day is too cold and awake

or when the night is too warm and alone

and there isn't a time when you're not in my mind

can i call your heart a home

it's one of those days

and the sun is a solitary eye

just one of those days

when the air is too near, and i'm wanting you here

all alone burning under the sky


it was one of those dreams

and there were stars and sun above

just one of those dreams

it was night it was day

and you asked me to stay

now i live in your shelter of love


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