Halestorm - Unapologetic lyrics

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Give it to me straight

Straight and strong

We drink until it’s gone


I got a dirty mouth

Say what I wanna to say

Can’t wash it away


Well I’m high steppin’ out of the box

Gettin’ out of the cage I’m bustin’ the lock

Ooh yeah, ooh


I’m not scared

Ain’t tryin’ to be

Won’t give nothin’ less than all of me

Ooh yeah


Because I’m unapologetic

Unapologetic with you tonight

Nothin’ to hide


Ooh yeah


Unapologetic, turn on the light

All of the lights

And I’ll take you as you are

And we’ll burn like the stars


Give me

Give me somethin’ real

Don’t play no games

No masquerade


Cuz it’s last call, it’s closin’ time

I think I’m gonna let you read my mind

Ooh yeah

Yeah with every little piece of me



Give me every piece of you, I’ll give you every piece of me x 2

Baby there’s nothin’ you can say

To make me throw it all away

I won’t give up not less of me

Nothin’ less than all of me



[I’ll take you as you are

We’re burning like the stars] x 2

Ooh yeah

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