Halestorm - Scream lyrics

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Seeds in my head, visions in red

All that I dreamed & all that I’ve bled

My mind is a gun I won’t be outdone

Say what u want while I shoot for the sun


All u doubters & haters, actors & fakers

I don’t have time for u

You’re feedin' the fire that’s takin' me higher

Comin' like a cannonball


Oh, it’s kickin' down ur door

Kickin' down ur door

Oh, so what u waitin' for

What u waitin' for

Scream, scream, scream

Till they hear ur scream

(Verse 2)

Step out of the haze, sleep walkers awake

The pills that they give u don’t have to take

Don’t want to see light they cover our eyes

Yesterday’s dead tomorrow’s alive


All u movers & shakers, freaks & hell raisers

We’re climbing over ur walls

You’re feeding the fire that’s taking us higher

Coming like a cannonball

(Chorus x2)

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