Halestorm - Jump The Gun lyrics

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Boot on the start line, pistol in the air

Quila in the glass & a dead set stare

2 minutes in baby make ur move

If u won’t do it I’ll do it for u

I ain’t waiting on u, no, I ain’t waiting for u


I jump the gun, oh here I go again

I’m the one, don’t know when to say when

Here for fun I wasn’t looking for a friend

Now we’re kissing under covers & it’s all

Just becus' I jumped the gun

(Verse 2)

Checkers on the flag, time to pay the tab

Hopping in a cab, it’s time to be bad

Cigarette smoke, lipstick on ur face

My place or urs, I’m good either way

Oh, babe my meter’s running, baby are u comin'?

(Chorus x2)


Woke up in the morning pounding in my head

Three empty bottles no sheets on the bed

Baby rolled ova & this is what he said

He said, 'babe, I think I luv u'

(Chorus x2)

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