Haat - The Elemental's Revenge lyrics

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Roaring thunder<br />

Lightnings scorched the Earth<br />

A flood is rising<br />

Fire and water consuming life<br />

Mayhem from the skies! <br />

The final ordeal for mankind<br />

<br />

The elemental's revenge<br />

Now the price will be paid<br />

For ages of ignorance and greed<br />

Cheap human lives can't really repay<br />

But form a decent alternative<br />

For quenching wrathful hatred<br />

<br />

Fleas and rats deliver<br />

An all-consuming plague<br />

Festering across nations<br />

Consuming human spirits<br />

That's what they get back<br />

For lust and greed!</

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