Haat - My Forest Dwelling lyrics

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Inside my forest dwelling<br />

No light can enter<br />

No life distracts me<br />

Of my eternal slumber<br />

In solitary confinement<br />

Shrouded in mist and darkness<br />

One with the Essence<br />

Of Nature and it's majestic<br />

Silence and Peace<br />

<br />

Life won't endure this<br />

Everlasting damp and obscure place<br />

Except for me- For I am (the) One! <br />

<br />

All hope is lost for<br />

Progress and expansion<br />

Here in this desolate space<br />

At night the wolves howl<br />

At daytime the woods speak<br />

Of the tales brought by the wind<br />

There's no place here<br />

For lesser beings<br />

Only true released spirits<br />

Can find rest here<br />

In my forest dwelling</

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