H-TOWN - Don't Hold Back The Rain

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Awww... yea... oh no no no no oh no yea... yea... I'm tired of it baby... you know lemme say it

Fuss and fight till the early morn

Then you stole on me as I try to calm you down (no no no)

As I layed face to face with you

I kno I noticed that you don't want me to

Tell you right now I say

Rain is fallin down (I want a divorce right now say)

Rain is fallin down (I can't go thru it say)

Let the rain come fallin (I'm a call the police)

Let the rain come fallin (I ain't gon hit chu)

Fightin cats and dogs (I said I want to be gone)

I can't make it with you

Cause when I sleep I'm doomed (BUST A CAP IN MY ASS)

I got to move on creep on


But you love to start shit

Gotta do it don't do it don't do it say

Rain is fallin down (you just dyin for me to hit you... I ain't gon do it)

Rain is fallin down (see it's over we don't have no love let's go)

Let the rain come fallin (yeah)

Let the rain come fallin (it's fallin yea)

Fighting cats and dogs yea (start the fightin yea oohh)

I ooo everyday we fuss and fight we got to separate she was no good and she gone... we got to move on cause baby baby baby baby I'm a get chu doin wrong with my woman you kno what I'm sayin ow y'all y'all y'all ooww yeah

Thanks to NEEFEE for correcting these lyrics

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