H. I. M.

H. I. M. - The Heartless lyrics

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Composed and lyrics by valo<br><br>Your pain ain't love<br><br>Can't you see he's the heartless<br>Your pain is not love<br>He's taking it too far<br>Don't you know it is wrong<br>You're the one for me lady<br>You're the one<br>If you'd only see in my heart<br>You'd know know all is not lost<br><br>Your time is running out<br>And you still haven't made up your mind<br>Can't you see he's the heartless<br>And you're one of a kind<br><br>He's the heartless<br><br>You can't you see he's the heartless<br>Your pain won't ever be love<br>It doesn't matter how hard you try<br>To you all is lost<br><br>He's the heartless

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