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Gwen Stefani - Sometimes Lyrics

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Sometimes sunshine

Does not want to shine on me

And sometimes I find myself blind

At first I cannot see and then I see it's me

I chose a road when I was young

In search of fun temptations won

And all my soul I did surrender

If I had a chance to back now

Would I redeem my moral vows

Or would I repeat for my own laughter

Sometimes I hide somewhat

Like a bulb behind a shade

And sometimes I ask myself why

Is it cause the lights are too bright

Or because my eyes are closed too tight

Sometimes I find myself blind

Don't use my brain don't use my mind

Distorted feelings always leading my way

But I must forgive myself

and let the past lay down to rest

And be prepared to face myself in another day

From now on I will behave

But in the back of my mind I will be enslaved

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