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Guys And Dolls movie - The Oldest Established

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Song by Lane, Nathan<br /><br>

The Biltmore garage wants a grand <br>

But we ain't got a grand on hand. <br>

And they now got a lock on the door <br>

To the gym at P.S. 84. <br>

There's the stock room behind the McCloskey's bar. <br>

But Mrs. McCloskey ain't a good scout. <br>

And things being how they are <br>

The back of the police station is out! <br>

So the Biltmore garage is the spot. <br>

But the one thousand bucks we ain't got. <br>

Why it's good old reliable Nathan! <br>

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Detroit! <br>

If you're looking for action, his firm is the spot. <br>

Even when the heat is on, it's never too hot. <br>

Not for good old reliable Nathan! <br>

Where it's always just a short walk <br>

To the oldest established, permanent floating, <br>

Crap game in New York <br>


There are well-heeled shooters everywhere, everywhere <br>

There are well-heeled shooters everywhere. <br>

And an awful lot of lettuce <br>

For the fella who can get us there. <br>

If we only had a lousy little grand <br>

We could be a millionaire! <br>

That's good old reliable Nathan! <br>

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Detroit! <br>

If the size of your bundle you want to increase <br>

He'll arrange that you go broke in quiet and peace <br>

In a hideout provided by Nathan <br>

Where there are no neighbors to squawk. <br>

It's the oldest established permanent floating <br>

Crap game in New York. <br>

Where's the action? Where's the game? <br>

Gotta have the game <br>

Of we'll die from shame. <br>

It's the oldest established, permanent floating <br>

Crap game in New York!<br>


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