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Guys And Dolls movie - Marry the Man Today

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Song by Prince, Fatih<br /><br>

At Wanamaker's and Saks and Klein's <br>

A lesson I've been taught <br>

You can't get alterations on a dress you haven't bought <br>


At any vegetable market from Borneo to Nome <br>

You mustn't squeeze a melon till you get the melon home. <br>


You've simply got to gamble <br>


You get no guarantee <br>


Now doesn't that kind of apply to you and I <br>


You and me. <br>


Why not? <br>


Why not what? <br>


Marry the man today. <br>

Trouble though he may be <br>

Much as he likes to play <br>

Crazy and wild and free <br>

Marry the man today <br>

Rather than sigh in sorrow <br>

Marry the man today <br>

And change his ways tomorrow. <br>

Marry the man today. <br>

Marry the man today <br>

Maybe he's leaving town <br>

Don't let him get away <br>

Hurry and track him down <br>

Counterattack him and <br>

Marry the man today <br>

Give him the girlish laughter <br>

Give him your hand today <br>

And save the fist for after. <br>

Slowly introduce him to the better things <br>

Respectable, conservative, and clean <br>

Readers Digest <br>

Guy Lombardo <br>

Rogers Peet <br>

Golf! <br>

Galoshes <br>

Ovaltine! <br>

But marry the man today <br>

Handle it meek and gently <br>

Marry the man today and train him subsequently <br>

Carefully expose him to domestic life <br>

And if he ever tries to stray from you <br>

Have a pot roast. <br>

Have a headache <br>

Have a baby <br>

have two! <br>

Six <br>

Nine! <br>

STOP! <br>

But Marry the Man today <br>

Rather than sign and sorrow <br>

Marry the man today <br>

And chance his ways - change his ways - his ways <br>



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