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Guordan Banks - Make The News lyrics

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It’s about 2:35

Should i leave dead or alive

Got the talking in my side

He..the sky

I’ve already lost my mind

No need to apologize

If already ..the crime

It just ran out of time

Pre Chorus:

No memory prepare you

Sorry won’t spell and your guilty ..

I can’t control it

I’m about to go but

you gonna regret you ever met her


i’m about to make the news (Just the exclusive yeah)

I’m about to make the news

And should you put me through

It’s nothing like to lose

I’m about to make the news

So i gotta play my ..

He have me wide open

Now my heart any broken

So i gotta plan ..

Mama i’m sorry for what i’m bout to do

I’m about to make the news

It’s about 11:05

If he is behind never mean lies

That means the .. plans

Baby is my turn to lie

Tell me who’s gonan survive

Flowers i can’t provide

Look me right in my eyes

Left me no you’re ready to ..

[Pre Chorus:]


Don’t’ be wasting and turn

‘cause i’m already .. turn my mind

..i just turn the ...

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