Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Young Niggas lyrics

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Ft. Jaidakiss & Fetty Wap


I keep a MAC-11 on my fuckin' seat

Can't let them beat me up like Rodney King

I used to have a dream sumethin' like doctor King

Bought a Mag ninety wit a fuckin' beam

Cuz these niggas killing fo' the letter B

These young niggas killin' fo' the letter C

These young niggas killin' fo' the letter P

These young niggas killin' fo' the letter B

(Verse: Gucci Mane)

I got money, pounds and bullets like my nigga Wee

I put my faith in God, I know he believe in me

R.I.P. my nigga Dunk, I see ya in my sleep

Remember when I used to sell like 50 bricks a week

I got some shooters and my shooters don't shoot at the knee

If ya get caught without that 3 don't say ya caught fo' me

They gave my nigga thirty year, couldn't even caught fo' plee

He wanna keep it in the street, we can keep it street

I grab a nigga in the street, they found him on the beach

The richest street nigga livin', go call Robin Leach

I scrape ace and them sixes wit the Georgia Peach

Now reverend ya betta watch, I practice what I preach

I knew I could neva teacher dead police


(Verse 2: Jadakiss)

T5DOA, I'm back up on the street

Probably blowin' sour cuz ain't nothin' sweet

I show ya my power if ya fuck wit me

If ya dead in an hour, that's just what it be

Fo' the love of me

Killin' fo' the letters, betta get your cheddar

Cause it's usually just worse, befo' it gets betta

I ain't a body shooter, I'm what ya call a 'header'

And I hope they remember ya, cuz I'm tryna forget ya

Ya ain't even got to flex, I'm still tryna stretch ya

Praying ain't gon' help ya, just hope I don't catch ya

Stay the fuck out of my way, that's all I suggest ya

They killing fo' the letter P, yeah that's that pressure


(Verse 3: Fetty Wap)

Young niggas drillin' everythin' they see

Young niggas juugin' just to fuckin' eat

Young niggas dyin' screamin' 'rest in peace'

It's a cold, cold world in these fucking streets

It's a lot of young niggas that just love to P

Forty wit the drum, nigga, I can't wait to squeeze

When ya see the Zoo coming, watch these niggas freeze

Young niggas gettin' money, money all I see

All I do is hear money, money all I free

It's a smooth fifty kay in these Robin jeans

It's a Zoovi, I'm a Gucci Mane, da fuck ya mean?

I'm a young nigga livin' out my fuckin' dreams



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