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Gucci Mane - What It Takes lyrics

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What better gift to the streets than some new Gucci man nigga

So accept this, as a gift, from the trap gods, to the streets


Ya’ll niggas got what it takes? (x4)

I take a nigga’s bitch

I take a nigga’s place

I take a nigga’s bong

Right in front his face

Ya’ll niggas got what it takes? (x4)

I take a nigga’s bitch

Right in front his face

I take a nigga’s bitch

Ya’ll ain't got what it takes?

(Verse: Vic Mensa)

Young Vic got what it takes

That’s what they fuckin' say

I’m from the block where alley cats, they tryna duck a stray

And keep the burster in a safe cause it ain’t fuckin' safe

Ugly E, he like a corner pocket ‘cause he tuckin' 8

Ya know we hustle boy, that’s the rules of engagement

My Alexander Wang all black like the Zulu nation

Bitches still rockin' Lululemon, girl ya out yo league

But I could teach ya yoga booty, let ya work the D

Shout to 1017, I’m so S A V E

I tat that on my sleeve, like this B A P E

Bought that in Tokyo, I just left Shibuya hoe

I’m twistin' green up, California sushi roll, that’s how it taste


(Verse 2: Bandman Kevo)

See I got what it take

I’ll pull up in that wraith

I know this bitch gon’ go

I can tell from her face

And she know who I am

So she know what I make

And she know who ya are

She know that jewelry fake

See when ya gettin' cake

Ya don’t go on dates

But when she know ya broke

She gon’ make ya wait

So what, she got a job

Her check’s two weeks away

That bitch gon’ fuck today

I’ll pay her what she make

I went broke one day

But I got what it take

I brought a gun for eight

And went took forty kay

I heard he holdin' weight

And went to shorty’s place

I swear if shorty play

Then it’s First fourty eight

And I just bought the chain

That bitch cost forty eight

Yo jewelry not the same

Little nigga know yo place

Better stay in yo lane

Little nigga know yo race

And I’m fly like a plane

And that’s in erry state


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