Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Waterslide lyrics

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(ft Rocko Yung)

just cause i see most ..down the cheerleader

them white people tryin to say that i'm the ring leader

my baby mama met on me cause i'm smash it

and every time my mama see me take a picture

i dont' know who would stop em

just be honest i know scream nigga top in here

i got ym boss so high i'm wash at the poppie ..

i told em money don't make em a big cocky

i'm higher mother fucking than the cost of living

but tryin to stay fuck away from good like i've been give us

get em in the kitchen tryin make a living

i'm through the roof and now my .. go through the ceiling


i got your girl what a damn white water

i told the kids to whipe trick might ..

i got your girl what a water ..

you got the super sober i call it wash line

i got your girl what a damn white water

she catch the right tree candy might swallow

i got your girl white what a damn water ride

she got a super socker i got her waterslide

i don't white coops smelling like down the rifa

black me and ..verb so i call it Wiz Kalifa

.. on this Louie V sneakers

body full of ice got me feeling like a ..

..super d super soul ..

got the super hand so i bought the Gucci land

put your head put you bill and a Gucci purse

fuck a real good ..over Gucci first

their job .. summer coming

a lot fo tattos and we both get moeny

i'm a freak you freak you so they make 2 2 ..whip ..

aka ocean view


while ..have some whip p**sy x 2


while ..have some whip p**sy x 2

...I'll beg got damn

she got the super socker

i'm ont he dime

i met her on the ..



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