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Gucci Mane - Twitter That lyrics

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:Gucci Mane

Gangstaz, Dope, Twitter (Gucci)Brick Squad Brick Squad dope game mafia pull up at yo block on yo block like tropala Brick Squad Brick Squad everythang is Brick Squad backfire Hit squad everythang is Brick Squad black man black car black everyday black wife black house black diamond ring we pull up in 10 limosines twitter that I lean wit 1017 twitter that(Gucci! )


Gangstaz, Dope, Twitter bitch I'm in the hood nigga twitter that on cars (twitter that)twitter bars (twitter that)countin cards (twitter that)Stop! (twitter that)twitter this twitter that catch his ass in the hood bet he don't twitter back (Bout to kill ya fuked up rite 4x)Stop! twitter this twitter that catch his ass in the hood bet he don't twitter back

:Slim Dunkun

Bitch I'm fresh as fuk shootin at ya new arroi pockets so fat Joe old squad tatted up (don't ya) neva eva eva eva eva act hard when u ridin big seat arroi jump on twitter that's yall niggas bitch ass shot by fall niggaz bitch I am that fall nigga ima show u how to ball nigga gangsta where yo pistol at soldier where yo missel at real niggaz throw dueces prisoners twitter that club watch stoppin dirt game my clique Brick Squad! bitch trending topic O that's yo bitch I'm bussin da block I see that otha bitch I'm fukin a knot


Internet gangsta still can't tain u ice in yo tweets shit mr louie elliot poppin ova tha internet talkin this and talkin that Pittsburgh good shit bottoms all kush bak early in the morning wrist game worth it pussy ass nigga I hear the birds chirping fukin with wit deo u rappers so ne-yo these niggaz soft turn up yo radio


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