Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Trap House Bunkin lyrics

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Trap house bunkin

Trap house mansion

I don’t flesh out


The parts I know falling

Yeah, scuba!

I’m putting foes in shit, I need it, just put the deuce in

Car cost four hundred dollars, I put a roof in

My nigga pot, cooking so good, he put his shoe in.

Nigga, it’s a gangsta part, what fuck is you in?

Hey, bossing microwave shit, then taking too many

They know that it’s some scrubs in the club, they let my crew in it.

I might just do the micro big man and cook your lil fence

If you ain’t talking about buying grounds, then I’m a dove man

I can make the dope do numbers, that states the art man

I told my bitch that her to dye her hair read like Dany Robin

If Gucci man had so much money, then why he robbing?

We do the deed, we cover the street,

Nigga, we mobbing!

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