Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Stupid Wild lyrics

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<span class="feat">(feat. Lil Wayne, Cam'ron)</span><br>


<i>[Gucci Mane]</i><br />

Pop, hit it one more time and nigga you ain't alive<br />

Homie you and i, know the trooper<br />

Thats between you and i<br />

Got some jewelry on me, yeah<br />

Stupid jewewlry on me now<br />

If you think you finna shit on gucci<br />

Then just show me how<br />

Someone dis me yesterday,<br />

What im 'posed to do, go cry?<br />

With my money chasin million dollar mission on the side<br />

Just a chicken in my lap<br />

Im bout to trust her then I die<br />

Im so hood right now<br />

They question whats gettin gucci high?<br />

Stupid wild, stupid stupid wild,<br />

Homie thats my style<br />

Girls fightin,<br />

Hoes flexin, man<br />

Just to touch my tie<br />

Get my squad squad,<br />

I ain't been this hard in a while<br />

Blow top off,<br />

I ain't been this hard in a while<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus]</i><br />

Stupid wild, stupid stupid wild,<br />

Homie thats my style <i>[4x]</i><br />

Every single night im ballin,<br />

Sippin on that drank, girls crawlin<br />

Mostly every night im countin, countin,<br />

Niggas wanna fight but im shootin, shootin<br />

Niggas wanna fight but im shootin, shootin<br />

Bitches wanna fuck me, mainly<br />

Cause I got a catch and im famous<br />

Im tryin to hold my head above water, water<br />

Stack a million cash I just oughta, oughta<br />

My chain cost a stack cause im gucci,<br />

My wardrobe gucci'd out like im boosting<br />

Shine with all this ice<br />

Homie shine, shine<br />

Wanna hate me?<br />

Get a ticket and join the line<br />

Fine<br />

(its gucci)<br />

<br />

<i>[Lil Wayne]</i><br />

Wilder than a jaguar,<br />

Wilin in a jaguar,<br />

Please don't play with me<br />

Ill put that pistol on your grandpa<br />

I swear im so wild<br />

I think I just may need a zanthar<br />

If she on my team<br />

I bet that bitch know who she playin for<br />

Mr. coach carter<br />

Or mr. go harder<br />

And I like my kush dry<br />

Like a fish with no water<br />

Swagger stupid perfect,<br />

I might as well surf it<br />

And if she ain't fuck me<br />

She get the voicemail service<br />

Tell it like it be,<br />

Bitch I do it for the bloods<br />

And every fuckin time I say<br />

"soo woop" its for the bloods<br />

With you just like I love<br />

I do just like I does<br />

And if you wanna fight,<br />

Come on you can fight my guns<br />

Weezy man, young money<br />

<br />




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