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Honorable C-Note

When I was standin', it all cost an oval round

They go 'who gooo, ya know'

Gon' say stand up, DH's finest

And I ain't takin' no bitch on, I'm takin' niggas off

(Verse: Gucci)

I got 21 pints in my bootpad

25 ounces of that OG gag

I got em all fully, niggas, OG mag

Double paper, route boy, Arian mouth - fast

I got the pretty white squares with the dragons

I made a half a mill bent on the falcons

And I still get a note to ya daddy

Comin' up cuz ya know I fucked yo main bitch

26 straight 8 with the hit band

Came here from yo momma, what a G man

Red fowls on a really black Bentley

Pink blue Forgy lookin' just like Pelvis

Underweight nigga but I'm ridin' on skedmis

Just hit a lick so I'm finna spend plenty

I'mma hit the plug, I'mma throw out all the 20s

At least made 20 mill on i20

20 years old, hit 20 fuckin' licks

20 year old, Gucci 20 year old bitch

Antique Rolls headed 20 years old with this suicide doors

Got a ride or die bitch

Got a call from a nigga said her baby wanna please me

Whicheva way ya wanna come, bitch, so you can beat me

Do her from the back and let him ride her from the front

Tell yo bitch I'm gon' chop it, tell a bitch I'm gon' chop it

(Verse 2: Young Dolph)

Just got a call that my dawg got ya steady

Get the car keys and the choppas out the alley

This the part otha gang when shit gets tragic

Niggas say he got pro'lems, we gotta let him have it

All a couple AKs and a couple cars with my dawgs came robbers

And we got a couple pro'lems

He wrong or her right, bitch, we be shootin' on sight

Burn yo meme' house down, the next mo'ning catch a flight

Aight, checkin' up on her, hope she told her friendly good night

Thanks to breakin' down these bands I done lived a good life

We out in Vegas partyin' like ain't shit happen

Out here fuckin' with these bitches, tryna see what happenin'

I hate bitch ass niggas with a passion

I had to leave, ain't got time fo' no question askin'

Feet kicked up, smokin' and relaxin'

Shoot a nigga ass out, John Paxton

(Verse 3: Gucci)

I'm the type of nigga that'll shoot ya in public

Right there, to a nigga that are all dead puppets

I said 'I heard ya lookin' fo me and he tried to change the subject'

Had that pistol in my brief, said he thought I wadn't up it

Up the tone, hunnid I ain't ready fo' the public

Somebody called the police cuz they thought I was gon' go bustin'

I ain't get shit back, that is not up fo' discussin'

This shit is naz all shizz boys not to be trusted

Goin' up... neva take ya then he pull up into Kelis

Bet ya nigga had a Royce, then the pussy nigga lucky

I might pull up in a Rolls Royce, he pull up in a bucket

Yeah I'll rob your homeboy, but I ain't muthafuckin' ducking

If you see me in the club, betta keep on truckin'

Cuz these niggas with the fuckshit, and I ain't with the fuckery

Got a pistol on the doubt, hell yeah it's the crescent

In fact, 2 pistols, can't let ya get the best of me

Goin' batsy on the 8 when I first learned the recipe

Buy a dope cook, man, the fuckers was catchin' me

Ten lace quick, bet to lord he was blessin' me

Got a closet full of Tech, got a whole lotta weaponry

Got a bet off the door that I have lotta ecstasy

Can't put the move, man a nigga was finessin' me

But I broke off and got it bigga off professionally

First second mill, put that pistol on that Macey kit

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