Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Still Selling Dope lyrics

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Feat. Fetty Wap


Still sellin' dope x 2

I got bricks all in my wall, man I live with the coke

Still sellin' dope x 2

Fuck your plug, come shop with me, got deals on the dope

Still sellin' dope x 2

I sold a million records but I'm still sellin' dope

Still sellin' dope x 2

I got a good price on them thang, that's if you really want some work


Metro on the beat

Metro PCS, I make a half a mil on a week

Cash smell like cocaina, got Febreeze for all my cheese

And I care less 'bout what you think of me, it's 40K to link with me

Fifty K to drink with me, ten bands just to smoke with me

Prayin' to the trap god that this boss don't get knocked, hopefully

Fifty bands, Hammer pants, watch that fine ho dance for me

No this not my fetish bitch, but I got ice all over me

Extend make my pants sag lower than they pose to

And I'm runnin' for another term, nigga come and vote for me

Remote control for your girl, hit a button and she squirt for me

Fucked her out and catch a nut, I quit cuz bitch you over workin' me



When a brick was 26, they got me god damn rich

Taught me how to flip a pack, I move them goddamn bricks

Boy if you ain't get no money, go ahead and god damn leave

I rep 12 and 22nd for my niggas slangin’ bricks

It's Zoo Wap from the bando, but isn't what you want

Rubber grip on my handle, I crush your ass for fun

Not anywhere I can't go, I pull up where I want

Anythin’ is on the counter like Fatty try to stunt

Everyone in my camp go, four others got a gun

Don't you think that we're lacking, the chopper's in the trunk

Then I sit when it's blastin', I love the way it dump

Used to sleep in the trap house, wake up next with my gun


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