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Gucci Mane - Shirt Off lyrics

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I take mha shirt off n all dha hoes stop breathin [x3]

So Icy Entertainment

Got dammit I'm freezin

My shirt off (Burr) [x7]

My Shirt off (whoosh)[x7]

[Verse 1: Freachie]


I'm tatted up come find me

A hundred thou so icy

We we poppin bottles

Showin thug love

If you act up in the club

Then you knoe we throwin hollows

Wut it dew partna

Get to close I spark yha

Mha wrist inside the club is like a highlighted marker

On beats I'm a monster

So icy I sponser

This mary jane got on the war like nina parker

I'm bout to kall Wakka

Tell him bring dha choppa(blat)

Fuck Cee in the Dr

He'll be screamin like the opera

It's hot as hell I gotta take off mha shirt

Mha car my gurls love to wear skirts

Paint color look like dirt

No shirts in dhat 08' Vert.


[Verse 2: Whoo Dha Kid]

Money doin sumphan to mha ego

More money I see I'm getting tatted like amigo (yea)

White girl say she kan sniff a brick a day

I tell her eat dha cake eat dha cake Anna Mae

Go Go Yhu betta clear the plate (yea)

She said I think I'm dead (why)

Kause I kant feel mha face (yea)

And she think she gettin dolla's 4rm dha kid

All she get is hard dick in she swallowin mha kids

I knoe dey feelin me kause I'm movin like a "G" move

N mha red in black skirt & her brand new prada matchin mha Evisu

No wife beater so I'm showin off mha sleeveless

Art so I'm a kall it goin wif the breezes


[Verse 3:Gucci Mane]

6-1 deep

No shirt no top (go)

White chain bright lane

Vvs white rocks [blow]

I'm a work ov art mane

I'll crush yoor ice game

Thousand dolla's lite mane

Need to rob a dice game

Tatted like a white mane

Party like a rock band

Tha so icy bike game

Makin lames tuck chains

Got damn Gucci Mane

Yhu done did that shit again

Goin dig deep in the earth so that yhu kan have a chain

My body wrote on like an essay

But homie no Mexican

So icy entertainment

You kan write it on me mane

In the center of the stage wif no tank top (no no)

For dha block I'm showin every tattoo I got (yea)


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