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Gucci Mane - Say A Prayer (Remix) lyrics

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Six pass, twelve stoves and I need more pads

And I told more nats then a boy scot cop

They drag and say this finger linking how I will pow powl

I took a tool and probably choosing to addin’ me more pow

And if you bass some of these they can dream and go South

I treat the shooters like I was make you Tale look sorrow

I feed the hood with the ball like I cook Clair

I repeat and steal whatever, when i own and arrive

I will erase it from the car but look you don’t got the title

If you ain’t made tem mil’ I can’t call you my robber

I got you baby mamma a second with me, use this all out

I made the forth list bitch you just a subscriber

I’mma say it’s just to line as you never look down

A nigga kept this on brother, see that shit in the bottom

Say a crip get a lesson today

No great no, ain’t stressing the case

Make a squitch for the chase, I invested in they

Now what else can I say?

I’m still gonna flexing and they fade

What the fuck can I say

I got rex in the seeds, get wrong and go on my way

That house stay trapping in that place

Is so hard on the train

I forgot what to say

I forgot why I came

And it’s all cuz I’m having my way

I’m having my way

By the way that I move, by the lane

They cool , my lable gotta a gate so you know is for safe

Gotta pool four lickers and I guest house if you wanna stay

Now I’m cool get paper, they custom, pow it up

On this smooth ungraded

I got a cost name shanty

They say bugger motherfucker all day

Don’t try to pull up and sing all day

Ain’t no pay for you, I’mma pay for two

Ain’t no wait for you

I’m pimping like play school, minimal so gates shoes

The way it brake a hater (?)

Cuz a nigga looking nervous, soft like baby foot

Ok cool, I got a plug like no other

No discussion man, thug ain’t no (?)

Stay good for blessing today

No great hit I ain’t stressing in case

Making stretch for the chase

I invested in A

Now what else can I say?

I’m still gonna flex and they fade, what the fuck can I say?

I got rex and they safe

Go wrong, they not go on my way

That house stay trapping the place

Is so hard on the train

I forgot what to say

Won’t forgot why I came

And is on cuz I’m having my way

Wanna thank the Lord nigga come up with the blessing

Life ain’t no game so don’t call the low

When a young nigga bringing and take it

Like they taking with my nigga, I take on my own

Tell the niggas they don’t wanna try it

Cuz a young nigga need meals

I cannot go on a diet

Nigga right to the money like a pen pal

I can't lose focus, your lens out

I could roll up in a benz now

Like I'm done camping at the tints down

I swear I got all the team down

Just put the strake on boy, just put and pick up on Archie and enough

End up and you’ll like it of course

You got slice so you mind into course

Did it my way on the end up surrender

Want nobody here surrender

Get a lot of money and stay faded

Nigga getting the box and I still find a way

I swear I say a prayer every day we see a lot of cash

I’m flexing like Briana, they never waiting on my time to pass

I gotta get it

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