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Gucci Mane - Re Up lyrics

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Nigga send it to the honor but it still wanna prepare

shut gun I hurt more than this goddamn feeling

I have to take it on his head so you know is that miss

I've been more the.. he don't make it pass cruise..

real G and I don't dabb bitch it's a goddamn buss

and if just you got me dizzy, ten times pass chips,

she tight I don't have to tell the nigga to ride with me

and running up Gucci Mane is real real risky,

I'm still in this squares out to time long distance,

the crackers that I serve favorite rap a little biscuit

I prepare, I'ma put it in the Goddamn misty

and I'ma have money just as long as they print


Somebody tryin to take all my jewels

Somebody tryin to f*ck with my blunt

Most robbers can't come to my hood,

S*ck a nigga can't smoke all this blunt.

Nobody ever talk about drugs,

How to hear you get that in this club,

I got a hundred thousand kush in my tube

the only thing I wanna do is re up.

I got a lot of hustle, I remix bills

free bang game, we got bitch for sale

count up, count up, count up, count up, count up chicks

I could still cook it with the dope witch

20% bricks I could work with that,

dum is here the...the bricks squash them

me and Gucci flexin countin three racks,

we all waste for nothing now don't like that

try to get my plug, get your ass wet,

screw the real street nigga that's a fact,

take your ass off and I don't give a damn,

I do anything from the free band,


I remix this privacies MC's a cold damn

they say I drink the shit like you give me protein

going hard with my plug you told me don't stop,

I'm tryin to claim this money up,

I need some car up, I read Monday Thursday I'm back at it

count this moeny dog me bitches then my bad habbit

put your car beside my car unless you wish it fast

and watch me disappear, bitch I'm blue magic,

f*ck what a bitch say, I came her shit but stead it,

I rubber band it up and had it in the add it

young and flashy, your bitch young and nasty,

every re up I feel like big and I'm going back to Khaly


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