Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Put Some Wood In Her lyrics

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I’mma put some wood in

I’m gonna put that wood in x 4

Uuh he fat, he fat, I’m with you bitch

Uuh he block, he block

But I won’t need that bitch

Uh she fat, she wet, I don’t need that bitch

Move you back, like that, not dare that shit

Uh she wet, she wet I don’t want that bitch

Uh she wet, get back, I don’t want you bitch

You wet, you wet

I don’t want that bitch

Uh he mad, he mad

I don’t want you bitch

I’ve been with that women, I talk some shit

Who that chick, cuz I got the shit

Got that scruple and I told that scruple

I keep that scrabble and I shot the bitch

Cadillac just to get the penny back

All the big dog, they kill, they kill that

Cold white bitch, try this bitch

And the bitch don’t do, never ball no shit

I’m in the whole, wanna buy this shit cuz I’m sellin’ this dick

She said ten, another hoer say 20

Go to the girl with the bigger white pently

Shall on the petray, shallin’ ___________(?)

Ballin’ so hard that I’m fell like mitche

Excuse me I don’t use this all day rules

Took her to the closet for the ________(?)

Cuz I won’t beat, baby girl you can meet me

We ain’t gotta talk, we can free and screw leas

You man is so wicked

Don’t fuck you but still wanna meet me

Bay, bay, bay what you a jay B

24 K jay blay like a _________(?)

Actin’ like you know me,

Nigga on my OG

Came with the show nigga, what a nigga show me?

Let ‘em with the BP, rock ‘em with the BP

BC nigga, roab a nigga on the JP

MBA nigga like Cp3

In this season I’mma get all the 3

Sine I ball I caught the nigga

I’mma play and live to me

(Hook) x 2

I’mma put some wood in

I’m gonna put that wood in x 8

I’mma put some good x 2


I’mma back break, I’mma get in it

Ash gettin’ here and I know you like

I can ball freck so that won’t make the side

But I don’t like nigga, she ain’t got it right

So turn up, and just turn, turn I keep tryin’ nigga

Nigga I’m ballin’ and dope, dope, dope

Yeah keep ballin’ nigga

You niggas ain’t got no hope, no, no, no

Now y’all niggas still broke

You nigga ain’t sellin’ no dope x 2

That boy ain’t got no dope, nope

Man that boy try so slow

I just put this main hoer

She said she ain’t need nothin’ no more

Happy on, it’s gone man

You alone and set on,

Tight your phone and pack pages

Yeah baby it’s on for your mind baby

(Hook) x 2

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