Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Prey lyrics

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Ft. Waka Flocka & OG Maco

(Intro: Waka Flocka)

Squad! I’m clearly crack, niggas clearly wack

No stainless steel, pistol clearly black

I don’t pop shit, I got Chaz fo' that

He a shooter, wit a shooter

What up Noop, free Diego

What up Kirbo, what up Rooster, free Kenny

Cats tryin' to bounce, my young'ns blamming

(Hook: Gucci Mane)

I got twin FN's on me, please don’t put yo hands on me

No yellow tape, but when ya see him I want ya to grab homie

But if I see him befo' ya see him then I’ma blam homie

Only thing I pray is that this gun don’t jam on me (x4)

(Verse: Gucci Mane)

Go green light, get him, rush him, fuck him

Stick him, stuck him, grab him, slab him

Kickin' up rhymin', always keep my pistol handy

Want to go to war that’s fine and dandy

Easier than snatchin' up baby candy

Clip big as a baby panda

R.I.P.'s are hard to handle

Gucci and a murder scandal

Call my lawyer, fuck a ass

I’m my own goddamn employer

Fuck ya piggo, go die of kelce

Gucci Mane done killed someone

But fuck that shit, go light a candle

Tried to wop, I got to pop

I bet I’m sendin' out body shots

Fee fi noon till five o’clock, the neighbors heard a lot of shots

2 young niggas wit dicks attached

Had a note that said come get the best

My man got two hunnid in it, we shoot out fo' forty minutes

Sawed off shotgun, running wit it

Who want some can come and get it


(Verse 2: OG Maco)

Big Guwop, Big homie Flak

And OG Mac got Glocks and gas

Shooters only want a stack

And fuck Gwop?! Not even there

Triple threat, ain’t making threats

But Hydro’s ass will leave ya wet

Used to play wit water guns

Them super soakers just a Tec

Mama always pray fo' me, but who pray fo' my enemies?

Banana clip, my rifle be exactly what what you came to see

Dirty but it neva jam cause I just got the barrel cleaned

Niggas dissin' turn to pictures, got em laughin' like iMean


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