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Gucci Mane - Perfect Diamonds lyrics

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This Little Watch Of Mines Is Like A Diamond Mine,

Call It Perfect Timing, It Got Perfect Diamonds,

It's A Light Of Mine, It's Supposed To Shine,

Better Close Your Blinds Or Shawty Hold Your Eyes,

{Burrr, Burrr} Fly Perfect Timing, It Got Purple Diamonds Call It Perfect Diamonds,

You Better Close Your Blinds, You Better Hold Your Eyes,

And Hater Close Ya Eyes...

I Got A White Car, Same Color My White Broad,

Plus I Got A White Watch, Plus I Got Them White Rocks,

414 My Roll Dog, Told That *igga Go Hard,

So Icey The Ice Boy, Chain Is In The Paint Shop,

Catch Me in My Tanktop, Gresham At The Hotspot,

Bouldercrest I Won't Stop, Block Go Tick-Tock,

Plus I Got Them 3 Blocks, Diamond Like A Earring,

Watch Cost 200, The Woman Is Near Me,

I Don't Think You Hear me, My Jewelry Is Talking,

Girlfriend Is Stalking Me, Breaking What It Cost Be,

Jacob Cost Me 60, My J Cost Me A Ticket,

Light Little One, Say I'm Into Karasilin,

Mama Pay Attention, Ridin In My Bently,

Burr Burr Look At Him, Matter Fact Look At Him,

So Icey Gucci Mane, Quarter-Mil On My Arm,

So Icey Gucci Mane, Quarter-Mil On My Charm,


Gucci Is A Dumb Dude, But He Got A Old-School,

Frost Misty, My Gold Tooth, My Necklace Is So Cool,

Juiceman Got A Chain Too, And He Got A H2,

Bought It For His Deal Cause That *igga Is A Trap Fool,

Bitches Fuckkedd* The Whole Crew, You Can Hear My New-New,

Gucci And The Kid Whoo, Got Something To Tell You,

Frenchie Got A Watch Too, Walter Like To Fight You,

And We Like to Shoot You, Lawyer Is A Damn Jew,

And He Got A Watch Too, So He Like The Clock Too,

Ooh Gucci So Cute, Ooh Baby Not You,

Ooh I Am On You, Watch Cost Me Bout 2,

Gucci How About You? Bitches Love My Tattoo,

Ooh I Am So Blue, Plugged In, Dope Too,

Bouldercrest Road Fresh, Show Gresham Road Too,

It's Gucci...

{Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh, Bouldercrest Road}

Burrr Burrr Burrr Burrr,

Please Adjust The Temperature, Gucci Southern Hemisphere,

I'm Icey With My Winter Fur, Wow Blinging Right Now,

You Call Me Lighthouse, Some Call Me Gold Mount,

But You Could Call Me Light House

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