Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Peepin lyrics

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(Prod. By C4)

Ft. Playboi Carti & 21 Savage


I got an ak, peepin' out the peep hole

On ride on boulder crushin' threshold

I'm just a nigga sellin' cheap dope

Cheap cheap cheap cheap, nigga

I'm in a bando, a house with boarded windows

I know the feds wanna hit me with the rico

As soon as you walk in my house you can smell dope

I'm just anotha nigga from Zone 6 that sell dope


All you see is dope, All you see is dope

Bitch, welcome to my bando, all you see is dope

A lotta vast means and I keep it poked

A lotta hoes on me and they gon' sell my 4

I pop em bentley dirty, miss my stylophone

I keep em shooters with me, nigga, what's it wrong?

Errtime I make the bank they be like whachya want?

You know I keep a bad bitch goin' strong

You know I keep a bad bitch money long

Keep a bad bitch goin' all day long

My phone blowin' up, I think they tapped the phone

Damn, nigga, whachya want?


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