Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Parking Lot lyrics

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Ft. Snoop Dogg

(Intro: DJ Holiday)

Ya know the voice, ya know the name nigga

DJ Holiday, Commission god, mixtape king, whatever ya want to call me nigga

Just don't call me broke, I made a million off verbs and nouns, nigga ya know that

Waddle the fuck, this nigga gon' do when he gets back

(Verse: Gucci Mane)

RIP mit with the shoes, what ya little boys got to prove?

Jimmy shoe-belt by them boots, had my glasses Jimmy Choo

Ya'll little young boys ya'll betta move, Gucci Mane got shootas 2

Cleaner how my diamonds do, candles sittin' on 22s

Smoking like she lying, I'm not lying, man we fuck with Snoop

Higher than a giant, I'm not lying, be way past the booth

I treat this dough like food, I hoola hoop, producer cook the soup

I got mad at the world so I said fuck the world and fuck the room!

I cross the country, Jenna Cussa cross ya ova alley-oop

I prolly play with Gucci Mane, these hoes high as the altitude

RIP to Eazy-E cuz them boys was my favorite crew

RIP to Pepsi, cuz ya just can't steal my favorite food


Hi, my name is Gucci, AKA its Big Guwop

I'm a heavy drinker, yeah I drink codeine a lot

I'm a heavy smoker, yeah I pile green a lot

Yeah, I like the camel, I be out and live a lot

I just want to ball, I be in the mall a lot

I just want to stunt, I just kept the parkin' lot

Ball, ball, ball, I just want to stunt a lot

I just kept the mall, I shed down the parkin' lot

(Verse 2: Snoop Dogg)

Smack a ho and turn around, work her from the parkin' lot

Give her all she ever need, I see ya around the clock

Never let her tell me no, keep her on that main track

Baby got that bang bang, My nigga Gucci Mane back

Making money, talking shit, is all a nigga want to do

Plenty bitches in the club, waiting to see what I'ma do

Roll it up, and pour it out, drink that shit until it fall

Don't matter, smoke shatter, blowing money at the mall

Cake batta, hundred stacks, we just making flapjacks

If we blow it all, don't matter my nigga

We gon' make that shit right back

Floating like a submarine, flyin' like a G6

Gucci called the Lion, cuz he know I keep that G-shit


(Outro: DJ Holiday)

Thank ya'll for comin' out, god bless

Good night, DJ Holiday Guwap

I know ya missed this shit

I appreciate each and everyone of ya'll for riding with the team, nigga

We gone live forever, Zone 6 forever nigga, East Atlanta forever

My nigga Guwop is a god nigga, and I'm a king

We kill 'em

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