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Just about anybody who used cocaine in the 90s and 80s was using Pablo Escobar's product.

Escobar was probably the most violent, the most ferocious criminal that has ever lived.

[Hook: Gucci Mane]

Money stacked up like Pablo

Peso after peso

You don't want to war with Pablo

They'll kill you when he say so

Touch down with it like Pablo

In Zone 6, I'm Pablo

Diamonds on my neck like Pablo

And the feds on my ass like Pablo

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

Pablo Esco

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

You don't want to go to war with Pablo

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo Esco

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo Esco

You don't want to war with Pablo

Feds on my ass like Pablo

Touch down with the dope like Pablo

In Zone 6, I'm Pablo

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]

Stop the track! Salute to El Chapo

21 gun salute, R.I.P. Griselda Blanco

Peso, euro, all about dinero

Tailored suit like Pablo, time to sell this yayo

Guwop, call me Pablo

Box-load of bricks with a bar code

I could cook a dude something with a blindfold

Mail your head to your mama with your eyes closed

Pablo life, got them Pablo prices

And I'm keeping steady, so I'm Pablo icy

And the whole crew like it if Pablo like it

El Guwop drop trying to outsell Nike

Pablo, Pablo, Pablo, Pablo

It's silver or lead. Yeah, that's my motto

Young Scooter, my vato

Ferrari, my auto

Head honcho, house so big they think I hit the lotto


[Verse 2: E-40]

Extendos, cinnamon rolls, Pillsbury big biscuits

7 .62s, and 5 .56s

Telling is prohibited, snitches witness

Turn a blind eye and a deaf ear

You probably want to mind your business

Act like you can't see or hear

A-tisket, a-tasket

Now the fuck nigga in the casket

My money stretch like elastic

Serving that tragic magic

That nasal candy, that nostril dust

You don't really want to go to war with us

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Bringing in work in U-Haul trucks

Got more bags than Kris Kringle (Santa)

Puffing on a spliff of Bullwinkle (spinach)

Manipulate a broad with the lingo (slang)

She let me hit it we ain't even have to mingle (game)

All up in her panties like a single

Put it down like a Mandingo (beat 'em)

Having my chips like Reno (feddy)

Guns longer than the neck on a flamingo (thumpers)

If you're ready already, then you ain't gotta get ready

I'm out here selling that [?]

Hoping the law won't catch me [?]

Serving fiends, smoking out of homemade pots

I'm a thug from the mud, I've got the block in my blood

I'll take the top off the bottle and drink a bottle of the suds

Down and dirty [?] put some cheese on your sauce

Real [?], no matter the cost


[Verse 3: Trinidad James]

My big brother, the dope man

5 straps like Bruh Man

It's Pablo and the pimp man

Tax a bitch like Uncle Sam

Fuck niggas be like "aw man"

Cause we young niggas and we getting it

And y'all niggas is jealous

Cause y'all niggas ain't getting shit

I say yes, nigga, indeed

I dress better than I read

Shine gold teeth when I chief

Pick your eyes up when I speak

Got that big ranch, real horses

Y'all niggas blue cheese

Only talk big money, with real niggas

Y'all niggas too cheap




Escobar did not fear Colombian authorities, but he did fear American justice, and American prisons.

When he could not get the law changed, to keep him from being brought to trial in the U.S., he tried to kill the lawmakers.

Thanks to Corey for correcting these lyrics

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