Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Orange lyrics

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Word on the street, I'm the best thing goin'

Smokin' on the gas, got the best thing blowin'

Tattoo's on my face, It's my face not yours

Spanish broads, Gucci clothes, nigga errythan' foreign

Pop a pill, popped a seal, then I start back pourin'

Yellow horses on my cars, like they rockin' Ralph Lauren

Bought an old school yesterday just to paint the bitch orange

So much money in my pocket I could paint a bitch orange


I'm in hot pursuit, I'm stackin' loot, ya niggas sweet as apple juice

Yo girlfriend got an apple-bottom, suck dick like she Snaggle-tooth

She walk round with an attitude, I show that bitch no gratitude

I'm a taco knockin', change the laundry to a lab too

Slap niggas with pistols till they only can eat baby food

Colder than a refrigerator, hotter than a stove that cook

I woke up in the mornin', rolled a blunt and than I cooked this deuce

I cracked the seal, poured up a 4, than put it in a Mountain Dew


(Verse 2)

They be stupid, dumb, bad with that crazy Gucci bag

Her man buy her a Jag, how ya gon' compete with that

Want to take her on a date, than ya must fuck up a set

She so spoiled, if he gave her to ya would give her back

Ya can luv me all ya want but i'ma lock ya from a distance

Eggin' me to pay ya, I'ma pay ya no attention

Fresher than my pad, baby girl ya got me twisted

I heard ya got a boyfriend, don't yo man play for the Pistons?

I had a girl named Susie and she used to go the distance

She sucked dick like a porno flick, I gave that bitch the business

She asked me for it, if I told her today must be Christmas

Just like the Sprite and Promethazine ya got me mixed up


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