Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Lil' Friend lyrics

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We need more Rolls, My bitches gettin' thristy,

My words like New Years, Christmas came early, (BuRR! )

Got these bitches early, my earring's perfect,

My left pinkey finger rolling like George Gurban,

My name ain't Irwin, but call me Magic.

Abra Cadabra, top of the Phathom,

For 58 italian, first in the states, out of town play, just to make it look great.

I need a haircut, plus a carwash.

I get out the car and they take their bra's off.

See I follo' the law, fuck the Loud One,

Came back on Appeal with a new outcome,

Overload your eardrumbs, hear hear come!

Income Income, go and get you sum.

Say bye to the Bad guy, Wave bye to the Bad guy, Gucci Mane the bad guy.

Yes, I am the Bad guy, Wave bye to the Bad guy.

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