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Gucci Mane - Let's Get Faded lyrics

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Baby let’s get faded

yeah yeah get wasted

We can have a little fun

But you having my lady

She gotta put a little girl

But rely in my baby

Wanna see her in the club, the girl drive me crazy

Let the shit get trash dish she magic

Pass bout like magic, she see me flying through traffic

Is Gucci Mane you bastard and i’ma .. you ..

Got me fallin like i’ma real hood classic

Say ..nasty team ..nasty

Keep me in the .. twelve

You aint’ even got a .. i’ma pull up the case

Speeding me the case have a .. on the .. ..full of ..

got my flashin on the famous money fly like an ..

but swag you i ain’t my baby

but your swag some crazy

yes you got a little something but you ain’t my baby


Rose by the case and we poppin ..

I see a lot fo bitches and they all my fans

Girl you’re coming with me please .. plans

Like i breathe, with me breathe all the friends

What a bitch say let’s all get wasted

..they know i’m famous bitches bringin money

and all them house main us

ask a bitch who i am look who i came with

the trap and the second .. cheerleaders poppin ..more houses in the ..

love pappin my sneackers you know that at the beach ..

get the bitch on me ..tell me ..

they ..this year thye say bring more bird

came with the bitch alone so ..


We can have a little fun but you ain’t my lady

She got a little pretty girl but it ..

When i see her in the club the girl drive me crazy

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