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Gucci Mane - Kush Is My Cologne lyrics

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Hook <br /> <br />Kush is my cologne, gone on that stupid strong <br />Kush is my cologne, Ku-Kush is my cologne <br />BUN B <br />Got a swisher filled up with that one hitter quitter bro <br />Bubba for ya troubles on the double itll get ya bro <br />Pass me the d’s, light it up with ease, in a cirle full of G’s, Smokin on them trees <br />Pass me a cigar, and imma buss it down quick <br />Pass me the purple, make sure that hoe is round and think <br />Break it down, fill it up, roll it up and light it <br />And you know it’s the bomb, soon as it get ignited <br />Pimpin I can’t even fight it, its callin me to smoke <br />So I fire up another square and take another toke <br />I be damn near goin broke <br />And my girl say I’m wrong, Shit but <br />KUSH IS MY COLOGNE <br />Im inhalin it, exhaling it, it makes me more intelligent <br />I feel like I’m still mailin it or sellin it, they smellin it <br />Kush, purp, strong dro. What I need cologne fo? <br />They tried to send me to rehab but I said… <br />No No I wont go <br />Damn its really loud, spendin like a whole pound <br />Kush cologne, haze is her perfume <br />Bubba kush for breakfast, with my captain crunch <br />I smoke ten blunts before lunch <br />No that sounds like that’s too much <br />Im so high, Im so in the sky, everybody know <br />Marijuana is my fragrance, probably smell it on my clothes <br />I smoke that bubonic sonic, ? sippin gin and tonic <br />You lil boys is hooked on phonics, Gucci hooked on crack? Sonny <br />DEVIN THE DUDE <br />Kush is my cologne, I got many fragrances <br />Shit gets so expensive but I hardly have to pay for shit <br />Every puff is like a squirt, smell it all off in my shirt <br />Coworkers give me compliments every time I go to work <br />What kinda cologne you on? <br />Dro is like my aftershave <br />Have me feelin and smellin so good yo I don’t have to bathe <br />But by all means, I must keep my balls clean <br />Make sure my dicks legit then I go take care the small things <br />And it all seems worth it <br />450’s kinda steep but I deserve it <br />Weed smell so loud that you think you heard that purp<br /><br />

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Sunday 6th of June 2010 05:52
this is my shit gucci tell it like it is if he smoke he aint gone hide the fact that he do thats why my nigga is the shit i mean he just tell stories of his past i be imagining that shit in my head you can tell he a true nigga from the hoood