Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - I Got It On Me lyrics

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(Intro: DJ Scream)

In all honesty, let me speak the truth

They ain't nothin' in real street niggas

Ya know real trap niggas want more for Christmas

That's some new Gucci Mane nigga

(Hook: Gucci Mane)

Ya heard I got long paper, I got it on me

Yeah, my money long baby, I got it on me

We can get along baby cause I got it on me

Ya heard my money long baby, yeah I got it on me

(Verse: Project Pat)

Hrr trigger on the .9, I'm about to sneeze

Fast booger in my nose, I'm about to squeeze

Gun to the boy head, he on his knees

Ran off wit thirty bands, twenty five p's

[What the fuck ya pussy's thinkin' pullin' moves like me](8439115)

Then ya try to put it on me, when ya , ya not me

Changin' lanes without a signal causes car crashes

Bull wit my chopper, for ya slaves y'all get thirty lashes

Street niggas get it off wit the hard or the soft

Turn my dick from hard to soft, insert it in her mouth

That's yo girlfriend on them xans, man that's that Memphis shit

Talk a bitch out a couple grams, that's that pimpin' shit


(Interlude: DJ Scream)

Let's see right about now

We present to the hood, the streets, the traps, the projects

East Atlanta Santa volume two nigga

East Atlanta Santa, the muthafuckin' sequel

The night GuWop stole Christmas


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