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Gucci Mane - I Fawk With That lyrics

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I fawk with that x 4

I fawk with that, I fawk with that x 4

You know I fawk with her, you know she fawk with me

you know she stunt with me, she's the Gucii Man she gotta be

a dime peace, look in my time peace

a big bell and kush she would rhyme B

I'm on the sleeve talking shit light the eyes lease

you got to spit for a hundred thousand go round behind me

you got the paper ticket just to seat beside me

I'm on the grind I ain't need gotta go outside gotta see me shine

real niggas wanna give me five, you the pie wanna say hi

plan have it, wanna see me die,

but it can't stop me, nigga I'm alive,

said you five ..heard two times,

AK nigga I don't say lies,

and you make nigga all by lie

and you swear I ain't never seen the bitch so fine


She got her own cash, I fawk with that

I fawk with that,I fawk with that

she got a full swag, I fawk with that

I fawk with that, I fawk with that

trap her to the max, I fawk with that

I fawk with that, I fawk with that

she on the foe with street niggas, I fawk with that

I fawk with that, you know I fawk with that

Them bitch I'm with she so fly she need a fucking fly to tend her

if I said the shit I need that shit,

to me I ain't scared tryin to spit the shit,

if you know that chick don't send the bitch

don't end that bitch I hit that bitch

break that bitch I've been that bitch

don't follow my rules I'm in this shit

sipping on bomb, they move with your mom

there's no pretend 'cause I'm not your fiane

never on Sunday fucking on Monday

girl you ain't heard it and low with the money

keep it a hundred keep it you running

tell your ass why do you lean when you stuntin

cuffin no woman, keeping from coming

keep it from coming I'm bruise with the..

all in the add, all in the lab,

pulling the trigger she's scratching my back

bigga before she pushing me back

that would come baby but greater the set

have her a stack, baby relax,

way that she second is paying me back

niggas on hustle and f*ckin with that

Roses our red Ferari's are black


G 7

let's grew up,

I fawk with that

if she fawk with me I fawk with her

and that's how we're doing

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